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~ Early Primary and Remedial Spelling Software ~

School Network Version
2012 (V4.5)
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
Software is provided on CD-ROM to be installed on your fileserver.
Allows for up to 26 classes, each with up to 33 students.

Used with great success by state, catholic
and private schools across Australia.

"The First 200 Words" software is made available to schools
on a yearly site licence, renewable each year in July.

Total enrolment (at primary level): Price:
1 - 100 students $50 per year
101-200 students $100 per year
201-300 students $150 per year
301-400 students $200 per year
401-500 students $250 per year
501-600 students $300 per year
...and so on (calculated at $50 per 100 students or part thereof).

Click below to view/print the PDF order form.

School Licence Order Form

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